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We offer a wide range of services to help care for your pets. Our clinic is equipped to handle everything from regular health checkups to emergency services including surgery. We use all state of the art equipment and the newest technological advances to ensure a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.


Preventative Care

  • Physical Examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm Blood Testing
  • Parasite Checks and treatments
  • Microchip implantation
  • Dental Scaling


  • Blood Testing (in hospital or sent out to reference lab)
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Cytology (in hospital or sent out to reference lab)
  • Cultures (sent out to reference lab)
  • EKG
  • Fecal analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • Digital Radiographs
  • Ultrasound


  • Ovariohysterectomy (Spay)
  • Orchiectomy (Neuter)
  • Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning +/- Extractions
  • Tumor Removals (with Biopsy sent out to reference lab)
  • Orthopedic Surgeries
  • Most General Surgeries
  • Emergency Surgeries


  • Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy
  • Erchonia Laser Therapy


  • Canine and Feline Boarding Facilities
  • Hospitalization available also


  • Nail Trims
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Ear Cleaning

Other Services

  • In Hospital Pharmacy
  • 24/7 Emergency Services please call (808)346-0655


Flea/Tick Prevention

  • Bravecto for Canines and Felines
  • NexGard
  • Revolution for Felines

Heartworm Prevention

  • Sentinel
  • Trifexis
* ALL canines NEED to be heartworm tested within one year in order to purchase Heartworm prevention*


  • Hill’s Science Diet Prescription Diets


  • Treats
  • Pill Pockets

Statement of Philosophy

Kauai Veterinary Clinic strives to provide it's patients and their owners with the highest possible quality of service and care. The clients will be furnished with all the pertinent information to best assist them in their decisions regarding maintenance of a healthy, happy pet, and management of particular health conditions. Our goal is to always improve with positive progression towards excellence while keeping focused on the animals and their human guardians.