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What our client's say

“ I have been a client of Kauai Veterinary Clinic for 12 years, with multiple dogs and cats of my own as patients. During this time I have
always been very satisfied with the services provided: the clinic is very clean, and neat; the front desk staff are welcoming and considerate; the veterinary technicians are well-trained and helpful; and above all, the doctors are outstanding--skilled, knowledgeable, up-to-date and compassionate, and always willing to listen to the client and discuss symptoms, prognosis, and treatment options.

I also appreciate the 24-7 on-call service for clients; one is never farther away from help than a promptly answered or returned call from one of the doctors, and if necessary, an emergency clinic visit.

I have had large families of dogs and cats for 45 years, more than 35 of those years on the Mainland, and have never been as satisfied with a clinic as I am with Kauai Veterinary Clinic. ”

Sheila Drews, Lihue, HI

“ First, I couldn't get a return call from a clinic, but this clinic returned my call within hours. I was referred by someone who has two dogs and loves this clinic. I drove all the way from the north shore of Kauai and it was worth every mile. ”

Laura Lentz, Kilauea, HI

“ I have lived on Kauai since 2001 and all of my dogs have been patients of Kauai Veterinary Clinic. Both doctors and staff always make every concern and medical issue their highest priority--going well and beyond what is expected, including after-appointment patient follow up. ”

Carol A. Curran, Lihue, HI

“ Staff members are super friendly and very eager to help. Dr. Bethany is an outstanding vet, she was very thorough with explaining my pets condition. She answered my questions with great patience, even when I asked the same questions repeatedly. Thank you for saving my furry friend's life. Eternally grateful to all of you there at KVC. ”

Cori Gurl

“ I had an emergency situation with my Cat during after hours while my cat was in labor and needed immediate attention. I looked up veterinarians nearby and came across Kauai Veterinary Clinic. I love how there was an emergency after hours line that I could call. I gave them a call and Dr.Pulawa and Dr.Bushe and technician was extremely helpful! The customer service was beyond excellent, very professional and I would definitely recommend Kauai Veterinary Clinic! Doctor Pulawa was concerned and called me back a few times to check up on how the situation was and I appreciated that a lot. Costly, it was expensive but I feel good knowing that my kitty was well well taken cared of. ”

Melinda May Ishida

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